SAT_LINKS Updates and Network
Posted by FOD

This is the new 3DT. I've been working extremely hard on figuring out the best to balance the integration of the spiritual and technological.

The kommand center has authorized me to give you private information regarding the ways of 3 Dimensional network inspired testosterone. With this power. We will use the following coordination protocols to improve your physical fitness, endurance, and overall energy level so you can focus your mind on your own important manners.

Now we must converge towards Exercise Terrorism. To give people a chance to thrive in the kommunicative realm, rather than the diseased realm.

In an attempt to revive old software company websites and pre web 2.0 stylized containment chambers, FODCOM Interactive deems to revive the old network renaissance that permeated the web between the years 1999-2007. Instead of capitulating in the horrors of post web 2.0 with the stylized "app" and "pixel" style mumbo gumbo with bring Verdana letters that are suitable for bugmen that scurry towards Google internships, FODCOM interactive vows to create an experience of the past, not just for nostalgia, but for the purpose of containment and reverance for the people that spilled blood, tears, && sweat to bring you content that was thoughtworthy, intrusive, and existential.


... Can you fathom living in a network where they exploit you for your personal interests?

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